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Why a Filthy House Cleaning web site?

Pronunciation: 'filth, Function: noun, Etymology: Middle English, from Old English fylth, from f'ul foul; Date: before 12th century;1 : foul or putrid matter; especially : loathsome dirt or refuse 2 a : moral corruption or defilement b : something that tends to corrupt or defile

We expect CASH and only CASH each day at startup.

We built this web site for a small population in need of specialized cleaning services: Filthy House Cleaning services.

We realized a need for cleaning filthy houses from callers to our biohazard service, "since you clean death scenes as the aftermath of homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, massive blood loss from traumatic accidents and more, will you clean . . . . " .

In any case, more than likely, the filthy house is a well-kept secret in most cases. Oftentimes, a social denial process develops around the filthy house dweller's lifestyle; not unlike addictions related to alcoholism, drugs, food abuse, or a residential zoo.

Typically, the cycle of denial breaks wide-open when the owner wants the property for sale and the filthy house renter must move, or someone dies unattended in the house and remains for some time, or the filthy house's odors over-power its walls and doors as the odor of pure, human created filth finds human recipients walking past the filthy house. Health departments now come into the this picture of filth as neighbors clatter for relief.

In fact, dwellers in the filthy house may often place clothing outdoors to protect it from acquire ring the house's offensive odors, giving hint of something wrong behind their filthy kingdom's doors and windows. So some of our neighbors live in absolute filth as a result, quietly, until the unsuspecting open the filthy house's front door for the first time. "We had no idea. He/She always dressed so nice; always so prompt and friendly!"

Such filth usually consists of human and/or nonhuman feces, urine, hair, and other bodily effluents belonging to mammals, reptiles, foul, and other species of the animal kingdom, including single cell organisms called "bacteria," "fungi," and more. Often as not, the artifacts of consumer society litter these filthy homes. Animal waste as well as still wrapped goods intermixes as high as, and at times higher than, doorknobs throughout these homes.

Cigarette packages, cigarette butts, ash trays (spilling over), alcoholic beverage bottles (in grate quantities) often add to this theme. Sinks are usually black with filthy crud and toilets typically house a wide array of encrusted layers of feces, urine and other matter. Doors and walls near the kitchen and bathroom are smeared with grease, feces, dirt, food, and more. Drug paraphernalia may be found in these houses, but not as frequently as we might expect.

Still, addictive behavior to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food, animal care-taking (actually imprisonment and abuse), and consumerism often accompany what we find in these dwellings. Do these addictions account for the filthy home?

"No," because we find fine folks living in filthy homes without any indication of self-abusive, addictive behavior. We simply do no know how to explain this phenomena.

Uniquely, humanity has a population of filthy home dwellers, people who do not care to clean their dwelling place, their house, their home. We are not referring to a "dirty home," a home with soiled carpets or greasy floors and dirty dishes in the sink for days at a time (not like this writer's home!). We are not referring to dirt-smudged walls, light switches, and doorknobs, alone.

No, we are talking about a form of human behavior that places some members of our human community far-out-and-away from the "dirty house keepers" of the world.

No one knows or cares to research how long this has gone on, as best as we can learn, but for certain, humanity has a pathological population of filthy house dwellers. For certain, the filthy house tests our minds in the sphere of unimaginable human behavior, if we can call it "human behavior," but we must because no other animal lives in such habitat by choice.

Clean houses, dirty houses, and filthy houses come and go with varied amounts of cleaning, foresight, and care, but few of us accept filth for long. Call us now for an estimate and end the denial of a filthy house.



Los Angeles filthy house cleanup includes stuff removal. My name is Eddie Evans and I have a very large footprint on the Internet for all sorts of cleanup work. I even have a stuff removal service. You can include my stuff removal service in or filthy house cleanup needs, or you can provide a dumpster.

Most often for filthy house cleanup I recommend a dumpster because it helps matters move along more quickly. It's also less costly. When you need filthy house cleanup were calling. I'm ready to help. Now you do not need a biohazard situation for my service if you're wondering about my biohazard cleanup credentials. I more than helpful when it comes to helping families and businesses remove filth on their premises.

Most often you save money by hiring one person for your cleanup needs. And that's me. Of course you can do this in a hurry for your filthy house cleanup needs. If you need your filthy house cleanup quickly then I bring in a little help. My filthy house cleanup help as much experience and motivation to get the job done and get it done quickly.

Here's what I do. Once I get inside your filthy house I begin to make an assessment of where were at in terms of need and what we need to do to make pathways for the quickest cleaning. Before anything else, I clean an area, usually the restroom, and use this as my first safe zone. When possible I clean the kitchen and use this as a second safe zone.

Now what are safe zones? I use safe zones in biohazard cleanup work. They serve as a place to put valuables and other materials yet to be given a value. Sometimes what seems like household trash to me and my helpers may be of value to families. So if there's any question in anyone's mind we use the safe zone to store these materials. This kind of stuff sometimes turns out to be worthless. At other times it turns out to be quite valuable as a family momentum and a piece of a long history going back generations. So for genealogy purposes alone, it's a good idea to have a safe zone for storing question stuff.

I next begin to label degrees of cleaning and refuse removal. I use three tiers. Tier 1 becomes what I call Molly maid cleaning. Usually at this point families may decide to do the rest of their filthy house cleaning by themselves. If not, I offer thorough cleaning of entire residence or business. This will include going through many items and drawers.

Tier 1 cleaning includes kitchen drawers, stoves, refrigerators, and other kitchen appliances receiving a thorough cleaning. Keep in mind that this can become quite expensive in some cases because older broilers and older than once may have a fixed layer of grease caked onto the sides of these cookers. It takes a lot of chemical work and muscle power to remove the stuff. Then there's the carpet. Most often families have is remove the carpeting carpet padding. This goes into a dumpster provided by the family or business or I can remove it as part of my stuff removal service. I don't mind hauling stuff away that it's important that I get paid for my equipment, travel, and landfill fees.

Tier 2 means that heavy items of been removed and these include couches, beds, piles of newspapers and magazines and other such stuff. Also, cobwebs hanging from ceilings will be removed at this time if they were somehow passed over in tier 3.

Tier 3 includes removal of heavy furniture, kitchen appliances, books and bookshelves, stacks of newspapers and magazines, stacks of clothing, and many other items declared useless. Sometimes families will want to place these useless materials where the Salvation Army or Vietnam veterans organization can recycle them. For this to happen a family needs to call the Salvation Army early or the veterans organization early and set up a pickup date.

Leaving filthy house material outside overnight may be no problem. Neighbors become tired of seeing refuse on somebody's lawn and may begin to blame. Besides, if you're dealing with the health department you do not win anything outside your house longer than it has to be out there.

If the health department has been involved because they believe you may have a biohazardous environment, you need my expertise and experience as a biohazard cleanup practitioner to speak with the health department representative. In many cases they'll want to be assured that feces cleanup takes place in the bathroom and that it is done correctly. In order to satisfy then I take before and after pictures. I ensure they receive these pictures as quickly as possible on my own time.


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