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Eddie's crime scene cleanup offers information related to our county government's corruption in crime scene cleanup fraud. I note here that In my writing I use biohazard cleanup as a synonym for crime scene cleanup.

Here I focus on our Orange County Coroner (medical examiner) and Public Administration's illegal manipulation of families victimized by homicide and suicide. Families with decomposition cleanup tasks fall victim. Corrupt county employees direct families to their own crime scene cleanup companies or for a referral fee. This referral fee for "business prospects" has a more common and known use in the real estate business. At least there it's in the competitive sector; with the county, this practice become known as "cronyism." It's also lllegal; if not illegal, it should be.

Those companies not owned by county employees pay a referral fee of 10 percent. This comes to tens of thousands of dollars for anyone employee. County governments now control a mighty high percentage of biohazard cleanup companies across our United States.


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 Below I write about my experiences with coroner, medical examiner, control over crime scene cleanup in Eddie's. With over 14 years in this business and a commanding lead on the Internet for most of these years, I believe my claims of county cronyism in crime scene cleanup by coroner's employees cheats victims families. Read on if you would like to learn why it looks like the United States now resembles a "banana republic" in some ways.

  • To believe Eddie Evans' story, test some facts.
  • To believe our Orange County Sheriff's story, invoke a willing suspension of disbelief.
  • Our author shares exciting content for students.
  • Cronyism


What I do for Orange County residents and businesses.

  • Disinfect homicide, suicide, or unattended death scene.
  • Cut, tear, lift, pull soiled materials apart or gather for removel.
  • Treat soiled materials for transport in plastic sealed containers.
  • Scrub, rinse, and extract blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM)
  • Disinfect soiled areas again.
  • Clean soiled areas again.
  • Ozone or fog entire room or rooms as needed.
  • Seal once soiled areas as needed.
  • Dispose of biowaste as needed.
  • Reduce if not remove death and blood odors.
  • Dispose of solid waste as needed (with some limits).
  • Guarantee work
Crime Scene Cleanup

Stories and information found here include homicide stories, suicide stories, unattended death stories, and others. All have something to say about biohazard cleanup. What makes this web site so different from others, including mine, are pages dedicated to practical, hands-on activities designed to sooth our criminality in relations to nature and life.

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Businesses and County Coroner Corruption

Short Facts about Orange County's Coroner Fraud
  1. Public expects private trauma scene cleanup companies (aka: biohazard cleanup companies) to exist in our private sector without aid from their coroner's office.
  2. Public expect Orange County coroner's employees to show no favoritism toward trauma scene cleanup companies.
  3. Public Internet research available to anyone proves that Orange County's coroner's office employees commit fraud against Orange County's grieving families.
  • This writer commands, in part, Orange County's organic Internet search engines' results for Orange County biohazard cleanup, Orange County blood cleanup, Orange County biohazard cleanup, Orange County death cleanup and dozens of Orange County cities.
  • This writer receives fewer than 1 telephone call for our above services per year.
  • I encourage readers to test these facts.
  • I encourage readers to find a simpler conclusion.
  • I ask readers to explain our Orange County Sheriff's Department's failure to explain this situation.

Private sector free market labor conditions.


Our Orange County Coroner Taxes

Now in Orange County families pay a second tax to the county when the coroner investigates a homicide, suicide, or unattended death. Levying this tax occurs as coroner employees serve up families to corrupt biohazard cleanup companies. Monies paid out through this circle-of-fraud unwillingly, unknowingly pay what amounts to a tax. This power Orange County employees to tax crime victims county employees will not give up easily.

In fact, at this writing, no evidence exists that Orange County coroner's corrupt employees have given up their fraud and power in the least way. Shame has no limits among death's thieves.

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What I Expect.

The author expects his Internet writings to stir little interest in Orange County fraud. The author expects Orange County officials to ask some shallow, meaningless questions and take even shallower, more meaningless action.

After all, the FBI has no interest in coroner's fraud.

So coroner's employees will continue their lies and theft against family survivors of violent crimes, violent suicides, and unattended deaths. Skulduggery has its own limits.

If ever corruption in Orange County subsides, the author expects corruption to return as before, and continue so generation to generation.

The author assures us his path to redemption includes a straight and narrow focus on Orange County's corruption. The author insists "writing is not enough. One must take action, place their body where others must take heed and learn to emulate fighting local crime scene cleanup corruption."

Nothing less will do after spending these years of privilege among victims of crime scene cleanup cronyism.

Eddie Evans


If the gentle reader has any more interest in these subjects, visit my "How Crime Scene Cleanup Works" web site.

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Orange County Suicide Cleanup web site now serves those in Orange County.

Eddie Evans 

Eddie shares this information for the benefit of independent companies and the general public's awareness. He hopes that at least one independent crime scenecleanup company remains in Orange County, California. Read on to learn more about your future without us.

You know now why you must join with us or ignore us. Join us and belong to the solution. Ignore us and your silence equals complicity with cronyism.

Do you have the crony option? Some of your competitors receive the crony option. As a result these crony companies receive the more lucrative jobs from county employee referrals. As a result, the public gets ripped-off.

Unlike your crony competitors, you have competition and must work hard for referrals. You do not bid on high paying jobs. You have few if any opportunities to bid on high paying jobs. If you receive jobs, you drive far. You clean apartment death scenes and other free enterprise death scenes, each one a single death scene, usually. You receive hundreds of dollars in return, or a small fraction of what your crony competitors receive. Your local government ignores your pleas for equity.  

Unlike you, your crony competitors do not compete for high paying jobs. These they receive from crony government employees. Your crony competitors work nearby home. Your crony competitors' rip-off their grieving clients (tax payers) for tens-of-thousands of dollars. Your local government looks the other way while some of its employees receive kickbacks.

Your clients receive service from a competitive company that owes its life to its clients. You will clean your best while knowing your next job may not come for a long time.

Your crony competitors belong to a quasi-monopoly and have no fear of losing jobs for poor cleaning. Their business receives guaranteed jobs from their local government. Your local government and their local government prefers silence for the sake of public ignorance.

You belong to a meritocracy. You earn your place in the crime scene cleanup business and pay local taxes. Your crony biohazard cleanup competitors receive local government referrals, welfare.  They pay local taxes with money ripped off from grieving tax payers. They belong to the aristocracy. They need cronyism. 
  Here's a Los Angeles web site.
About Eddie's
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