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A California filthy house cleanup often means that the residents or off-site owner will pay thousands of dollars to have the home returned to a pre-incident condition. No matter where in California, it will cost thousands in most cases. Count on $2,000 to $4,000.

Before you call, beware that a filthy house cleanup will cost serious money because filth carries a heavy bacteria load; as such it ensures that filthy house cleanup practitioners receive a monumental dose of household bacteria in a short time, an injection of dangerous microorganisms.

Sometimes smaller apartments and studios require less than $1000 for filth cleanup. I have cleaned a filthy apartment for $700, but such cleanings include tier 2 and tier 3 cleaning, not tier 1, most usually

Filth may involve everything from human feces and other animal poop to blood and other human fluids. It may include sewage left behind over a number of years. Over these years the sewage may have seeped into tons of newspapers stacked upon floors. I have seen this same condition exists with a cadaver left upon a stream of water from a broken toilet filled with human excrement. Is it any wonder that a filthy house cleanup cannonball feces cleanup for thousands of dollars?

I am Eddie Evans and I have been in this business for over 14 years. I stayed in it because it does offer me in, and an opportunity to write. Although I must write web pages by the hundreds at least I'm doing something that I enjoy. Plus, I have quite a bit of time under my own control and I answer only to my clients. Of course I have a wife at home and she's been with me for over 46 years. She more or less controls things in our house although I do my best not to turn it into filthy house.



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 Pronunciation: 'filth, Function: noun, Etymology: Middle English, from Old English fylth, from f'ul foul; Date: before 12th century;1 : foul or putrid matter; especially : loathsome dirt or refuse 2 a : moral corruption or defilement b : something that tends to corrupt or defile

I expect CASH and only


I built this web site for a small population in need of specialized cleaning services.


Filthy House Cleaning services.

Until now, or at least most recently, finding specialized cleaning services of this sort created frustration and anxiety for those in a hurry to "make it clean and safe again." Consequently, I expect these pages to grow as I add more subjects to my professional filthy house cleanup service.

I realized a need for cleaning filthy houses from callers to our biohazard service, "since you clean death scenes as the aftermath of homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, massive blood loss from traumatic accidents and more, will you clean . . . . ".

In any case, more than likely, the filthy house is a Ill-kept secret in most cases. Oftentimes, a social denial process develops around the filthy house dweller's lifestyle; not unlike addictions related to alcoholism, drugs, food abuse, or a residential zoo.

Typically, the cycle of denial breaks wide-open when the owner wants the property for sale and the filthy house renter must move, or someone dies unattended in the house and remains for some time, or the filthy house's odors overpower its walls and doors as the odor of pure, human created filth finds human recipients walking past the filthy house. Health departments now come into the this picture of filth as neighbors clatter for relief.

In fact, dwellers in the filthy house may place clothing outdoors to protect it from permeation by the house's offensive odors. This gives us an idea that this filthy kingdom's doors and windows remain closed for good reason.

So some of our neighbors live in absolute filth as a result, quietly protecting their secret from neighbors, buttoned up in their filth. Than someone stands at their front door for the first time. "I had no idea. He/She always dressed so nice; always so prompt and friendly!" Other times it's the health department investigating living conditions of a recently admitted hospital patient.

At times a filthy house dweller dies at work, the store, or somewhere else, leading someone opening their house to begin a probate proceeding.


Such filth usually consists of human and/or nonhuman feces, urine, hair, and other bodily effluents. Animal poop belonging to mammals, reptiles, foul, and other species of the animal kingdom, including single cell organisms called "bacteria," "fungi," and more. Often as not, the artifacts of consumer society litter these filthy homes.

Animal waste as Ill as still wrapped goods intermixes as high as, and at times higher than, doorknobs throughout these homes. Cigarette packages, cigarette butts, ash trays (spilling over), alcoholic beverage bottles (in grate quantities) often add to this theme. Sinks are usually black with filthy crud and toilets typically house a wide array of encrusted layers of feces, urine and other matter.

Doors and walls near the kitchen and bathroom are smeared with grease, feces, dirt, food, and more. Drug paraphernalia may be found in these houses, but not as frequently as I might expect.


Still, addictive behavior to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food, animal care-taking (actually imprisonment and abuse), and consumerism often accompany what I find in these dwellings Do these addictions account for the filthy home?

"No," because I find fine folks living in filthy homes without any indication of self-abusive, addictive behavior. I simply do no know how to explain this phenomena.

Uniquely, humanity has a population of filthy home drillers, people who do not care to clean their drilling place, their house, their home. I are not referring to a "dirty home," a home with soiled carpets or greasy floors and dirty dishes in the sink for days at a time (not like this writer's home!). I are not referring to dirt-smudged walls, light switches, and doorknobs, alone.

No, I are talking about a form of human behavior that places some members of our human community far-out-and-away from the "dirty house keepers" of the world.

No one knows or cares to research how long this has gone on, as best as I can learn, but for certain, humanity has a pathological population of filthy house dRillers For certain, the filthy house tests our minds in the sphere of unimaginable human behavior, if I can call it "human behavior," but I must because no other animal lives in such habitat by choice.

Clean houses, dirty houses, and filthy houses come and go with varied amounts of cleaning, foresight, and care, but few of us accept filth for long. Call us now for an estimate and end the denial of a filthy house.

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